Building Communities

CR Properties is a Hattiesburg, Mississippi based development company.  Through decades of family investments, we have grown to appreciate the value of supporting local communities.  Our expertise is in modern multi-family apartment homes, upscale mixed-use development properties and resort style senior living communities. 


At CR Properties, we see potential where others may not.   Our team has the vision and ability to blend traditional southern hospitality with modern amenities to maximize profitability.

Senior Living

Resort style amenities exuding southern charm, our Senior Living Properties are exceptionally positioned to provide warmth, value and ample returns for years to come. It’s a place you will want to call home!


With luxury condominiums, boutique hotels and a variety of retail options, our mixed-use development properties are unique work-live-play spaces.  Beautifully designed exteriors, contemporary interiors, and a refreshing array of amenities, these developments showcase the local ambience and culture.


With Multi-Family apartments in several locations across the Southeast, our apartments provide alternative housing opportunities in desirable locations. Data driven niche building drives down development costs while ensuring ample amenities to help ensure consistent future demand.


Our innovative team uses a combined vision to realize opportunities through construction, property accusation and project management.

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